marie harf

“That's not true, neither of those things are true," Marie Harf told Jason Chaffetz.
Instead of proposing a liberal alternative, the United States seems to be apologizing. Statements explaining away the actions of ISIS with lack of job opportunities or poor governance can be used to justify genocide. But the strongest indication that America has entered crisis-mode is that it can no longer make its case.
We're in a state of perpetual war and have no intention of escaping it. Certainly we have no intention of critiquing our own actions or questioning the effectiveness of war, occupation or high-tech terror as a means to create a stable, secure world. Thus Marie Harf, deputy State Department spokesperson, had her moment of right-wing ridicule when she talked about ISIS this week.
A state department spokesperson’s solution to stop ISIS from continuing to behead innocent people boils down to ‘killing them with kindness.’
Last Friday, The Financial Action Task Force congratulated Cuba -- along with Argentina, Ethiopia, Tajikistan and Turkey -- for taking such strong actions to police its financial system that it will no longer be subject to the monitoring of its efforts against money-laundering and terrorist finance.
Most surprisingly, if he really wants to redeem himself, if he really wants to prove that he, in fact, understands Middle
White House spokesman Jay Carney said the administration is looking into the arrest "to ensure that all standard procedures