marijuana addiction

Addicted to weed "All recreational users should be aware of potential undesired acute cannabinoid effects," or the effects
Marijuana may be gaining acceptance around the nation, but that doesn't mean medical research has stopped raising questions
The origin of this figure is research by the National Institute on Drug Abuse, the federal drug abuse research institute, published in a 1994 article in the journal Experimental and Clinical Psychopharmacology. The problem is that their survey was chock-full of bias.
Jeff Sessions Invokes Lady Gaga In Marijuana Debate
Holder, whose department has allowed Colorado and Washington state to go forward with marijuana legalization, also disagreed
If legalization is indeed inevitable, we must prepare for the consequences: Usage will go up. It already has as a result of the widespread legalization of medical marijuana.
In this view, the paradigm for addiction is heroin: the shaking, puking heroin junkie who can’t quit because the withdrawal
Boosting levels of a naturally occurring compound in the brain could prevent people who abuse marijuana but are trying to
No longer able to convince Americans that marijuana consumers are dangerous criminals who deserve to be locked up, history is repeating itself. We are seeing a shift in the message, from marijuana consumers as criminals to marijuana consumers as sick people who belong in treatment.
Marijuana ranked number one in a recent article on the top five most commonly abused prescription drugs used by post 50s