Evan Yeats, a spokesman for the labor union involved in the Maine case, the United Food and Commercial Workers, said he took
With marijuana legalization gaining steam, we might ask not just whether to legalize, but how. Here are three tax mistakes that California and other states can still avoid.
The figure, based on responses of 1,200 likely 2016 voters surveyed during the last two weeks, shows a "solid majority" back
No arrests were reported. More than 8,000 plants were found in the Gopher Canyon area; 354 plants were found on a open-space
"BPG has served as a national model of the not-for-profit, services-based medical cannabis dispensary," Berkeley City Council
The statewide poll was conducted little more than three months after voters in Washington and Colorado each passed measures
The restriction would stop dispensaries, mobile delivery service and cultivation, but not prevent qualified patients from
"It's really sad that Justice Department is able to find the resources to repeatedly undermine President Obama's campaign
President Obama recently insisted that targeting marijuana users in Washington and Colorado, which legalized recreational
Brown could not be reached for comment late Sunday. "There's a lot of energy about it, there are a lot of emails flying around
Based on the farm raid, agents secured further search warrants for Tanner's home at 70 Magnolia Drive in Watsonville and
“For years, in medical cannabis cases, California state courts have followed a principle that cities should not be able to