Because THC remains in the body for some time after impairment, however, critics say the 5 nanogram limit may lead to false
“As more and more states follow the will of their citizens and implement regulations to treat marijuana like alcohol, it
Public consumption of pot remains illegal, as is having open containers of cannabis in motor vehicles, said Darrell Lingk
Among states' legal limits for marijuana in the bloodstream while driving, Colorado's is relatively lenient. More than a
William Breathes, pot reporter for Denver news site Westword, illustrated Steadman's point dramatically. In 2011, after a
The results, while entertaining, unfortunately don't add much clarity to the question at hand. A regular smoker of marijuana
Colorado lawmakers struggle to define what's too high to drive. Marijuana's intoxication measurement levels become a contested debate. Joining Nancy Redd to discuss are guests Wayne Hall, Amanda Reiman, Susan Winston and Leonard Frieling.
"People are dying on our highways and byways as a result of people driving under the influence of THC, just like with alcohol
UPDATE: The special session does not come cheap -- it will cost $23,500 per day, but there are 15 days already budgeted for
This fact of THC's different effect on the body than alcohol's was stunningly shown last year by Westword pot reporter William
Bruce Brandwein, Bernard's attorney, said Thursday that they may appeal the judge's ruling which he admitted he understood
A woman from the Chicago suburbs is accused of causing a chain-reaction car crash that ultimately killed two motorcyclists
The Cannabis Therapy Institute, a Colorado-based medical marijuana advocacy organization, is urging supporters to call their