The other two ads in the three-ad campaign feature a TV installer who finds himself distracted by snacks and a basketball
Polis' announcement came just hours after Colorado launched a new campaign to discourage drugged driving. Entitled "Drive
Reid said protocols for investigating suspected stoned drivers are different from those used for alcohol detection. Handouts
(Story continues below infographic.) Infographic by Jan Diehm for The Huffington Post. In Washington state, where recreational
For the chronic smokers in the test group, all breath samples tested positive for THC just under one hour after smoking marijuana
To add confusion to the matter, Washington state television station KIRO recently assembled a group of volunteers, had them
The results, while entertaining, unfortunately don't add much clarity to the question at hand. A regular smoker of marijuana
Colorado lawmakers struggle to define what's too high to drive. Marijuana's intoxication measurement levels become a contested debate. Joining Nancy Redd to discuss are guests Wayne Hall, Amanda Reiman, Susan Winston and Leonard Frieling.
The bill, sponsored again by Mesa County Republican Sen. Keith King, proposes to limit drivers to 5 nanograms of THC per
Colorado's lawmakers are going back to work this morning to decide the fate of seven bills during a special legislative session