marijuana legalization california

The initiative would allow an individual aged 21 or older to possess and use as much as an ounce of marijuana for private recreational use, and permit personal cultivation of as many as six plants.
Though not an endorsement, Harris' generally positive title and summary of the initiative explained that it would legalize
"If we can get the funding we're searching for the signature gathering can be done in two to three weeks," he told us. "We're
Both proposals -- the California Cannabis Hemp Initiative and the Marijuana Control, Legalization and Revenue Act -- would
As such, many legalization backers plan on targeting their resources for 2016. Mounting a viable pro-marijuana ballot campaign
And if all goes according to plan? "We will win by a landslide," DeAngelo said. "If California puts into place an effective
Last year's Proposition 19 was quite a wild ride, but marijuana legalization in California is over. In particular, the backers
"We did have some (medical cannabis) growers that understood that their profit margin wasn't worth putting people in prison