marijuana legalization california

The initiative would allow an individual aged 21 or older to possess and use as much as an ounce of marijuana for private recreational use, and permit personal cultivation of as many as six plants.
The summary says a legislative analyst estimated the initiative would save the state "hundreds of millions of dollars." Merry
The Drug Policy Alliance is behind this one, a DPA spokesman told us. "If we can get the funding we're searching for the
The figure, based on responses of 1,200 likely 2016 voters surveyed during the last two weeks, shows a "solid majority" back
SAN FRANCISCO -- The push to legalize marijuana, both in its standard and non-psychoactive hemp forms, is alive and well
And if all goes according to plan? Both DeAngelo and Angell said that the California cannabis community will begin crafting
But according to Lee, the major backers of Prop. 19 -- which included George Soros, several "Facebook billionaires," Lee
"If you're going to treat it like wine, you have to have an exemption for people who make their own wine or make their own