marijuana possession

Even people of goodwill who are not yet ready to jump on any prison abolition bandwagon might agree that we could stop sending people to jail for many misdemeanors.
New statistics show the U.S. war on marijuana is far from over.
Among all drug offenses that have provided the basis for deportations, marijuana possession has been the most common charge
"It’s here, it’s going to stay, [and] there’s an awful lot of victimization that goes with it," said Police Superintendent
Denver ordinances only apply within the City and County of Denver. Please go to each city or county’s website to determine
NORML, a pro-legalization group that "assists the victims of cannabis prohibition" claims that arrests and prosecutions for
That's right, Portland now dons the privilege as being the first city on the entire East coast to bring some sort of intelligence to the futility that is marijuana prohibition.
The new report, compiled by the American Civil Liberties Union using data from the FBI's Uniform Crime Reporting Program
$2: The average amount communities spend each day on marijuana supervision. Previous attempts have been made to assess how