marijuana regulation

Alaska's first draft marijuana regulations, proposed Thursday during an Alcoholic Beverage Control Board meeting in Anchorage, address what it means to help someone grow marijuana and what local-option law will look like.
The state House Thursday afternoon passed a bill that would clarify municipal regulation of marijuana businesses and define the number of plants allowed per household.
Legalization brings along a dizzying number of questions. What will businesses look like? How will existing criminal statutes change? Will communities opt to ban marijuana sales?
"Marijuana prohibition has been a long-term failure," Miller said in a statement Wednesday. "Forcing marijuana into the underground
Some think marijuana should bear no special taxes. Their theory will face voters next month in Colorado, where proposals to tax legalized marijuana 15 percent at wholesale and 10 percent at retail -- along with various local taxes -- are on the ballot.
The debate surrounding the bill is nothing new: critics point to potential health and welfare consequences, while supporters
All retail marijuana products must also contain these warning statements: The Colorado Department of Revenue released a 60
On Tuesday, Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper signed several historic measures to implement marijuana legalization in the state, establishing Colorado as the world's first legal, regulated and taxed marijuana market for adults. Matt Ferner joins Alicia to discuss.
According to The Denver Post, the first recreational marijuana stores to open would only be able to sell the marijuana that
Both the regulatory framework bill and the tax bill head to Gov. John Hickenlooper's desk and appear poised to become law
Never has there existed greater public support for ending the nation's nearly century-long experiment with pot prohibition and replacing it with regulation. The historic Election Day votes in Colorado and Washington underscore this reality. But is the Obama administration listening?
It's time to end nearly a century of marijuana prohibition in Colorado. This policy has failed as badly as alcohol prohibition. And the common sense solution is the same: regulate it.
Coloradans are even more strongly in favor of legalizing marijuana, and they overwhelmingly believe it at least should be
To be clear, the "war on drugs" isn't waged against drug lords and violent cartels; rather, it is the latest tool for imposing Jim Crow justice on poor African-Americans.