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But if science dictated drug policy, where would alcohol and tobacco be placed in the CSA? Marijuana is so much less risky
DENVER, Aug 6 (Reuters) - A national marijuana industry group launched the first food safety basics course in Colorado on
With Colorado and Washington making history by legalizing marijuana we are finding ourselves in new terrain. But with these changes, there is a need for more education and prevention.
It was a huge year for weed news in Los Angeles, the medical marijuana capital of America. ... no differences between daily
The National Institute on Drug Abuse released an eyebrow-raising statement to PolitiFact on Monday, denying that marijuana is less toxic than alcohol.
Mason Tvert, director of communications at Marijuana Policy Project, said NIDA's claim is a new low for the agency. "This
Attention stoners: keep your weed away from your dogs. While the "dogs high on weed" genre of uploaded YouTube videos is