marilyn minter

In "Pretty/Dirty," Minter shows us the paradoxes of beauty.
My Art premiered at this year's Venice Film Festival, a perfect place for this combination of art and cinema to land. There
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In one of her oversized paintings, she zeroes in on a woman's mouth, her long tongue sticking out in grotesque fashion. What happened to this woman? Is she drowning? Or throwing up? What are all of these silver bubbles floating in the air?
Marilyn Minter's work is like an explosion of wonderfulness. To be exact, her work is like wonderfulness on steroids, glamour on crack and iconography on cocaine.
The sheer joy one can experience in the margins of a coloring book doesn't have to end with adolescence, though. Thanks to
The glistening drops of moisture, the glamorous portrayal of femininity -- the alluring image below is clearly recognizable
WHY: Minter's delicious paintings combine the traditional aesthetics of high art, advertising, and pornography into portraits
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