marina krim

In the early days of the Lulu & Leo Fund, one of the biggest challenges we faced was -- how could we use our unique and terrible experience to help others.
We still make excuses until pushed to give a warning that their "job performance" isn't up to par. The resentment and anger crops up and rankles between us. Once it shows up, like weeds in a garden, it overtakes the beauty of the relationship that our nanny once shared with our children.
It was Caregiver Zero's astounding ineptitude and raging hostility that propelled me to learn everything that I needed to know about hiring the best possible nannies thereafter. And now I share with you the Seven Fundamentals of Effective Nanny-Hiring.
In a brief jailhouse interview, a former New York City nanny denied murdering two children who were in her care.
When The Daily News asked Ortega about news that Marina Krim and her husband, Kevin, are having another child, she responded
MANHATTAN SUPREME COURT — The nanny accused of stabbing two children to death in their Upper West Side home pleaded not guilty
PHOTOS: Facebook "As the parents of Lulu and Leo, we want to honor our children through carrying on their love of arts and
“She had to move back with her family, and now had her son with her,” a source explained. “Maybe it was too crowded. She
Upon turning on the lights, Krim witnessed Ortega stabbing herself in the neck. The New York Post spoke to a police official