marine biology

Marine experts said such branding would be painful for the animals.
The expedition's chief scientist called it a "serendipitous" find.
Previously, the creature was found only in the Gulf of Mexico.
The new report is ~ making waves ~ in marine biology circles.
We have watched the dramatic decline of these spectacular underwater worlds.
KIDS FIRST! Film Critic Morgan B., age 11 comments, "I like that they have so many different characters who all love to help
The new technology lets us study whales by flying into their exhaled breath. The team behind it hopes to learn how whales impact ocean and human health.
Two weeks ago I turned 8 years old. That's prime adulthood in Hawaiian monk seal years. And as most adults are want to do I took stock of my life. This year there seemed scant reason for a celebratory "wahooo." I'm endangered.
Ray Hilborn, who has challenged grim predictions about fish stocks, vigorously denies a conflict of interest.
These are uncertain times for big charismatic animals in the oceans and on land. Many populations are declining. Money is scarce for pool repairs and big mammal research, made worse by the public's vocal distrust of scientists, zoos and aquariums.
More killer whales have been spotted along the California coast than normal.