marine biology

It’s a disease known as “sea star wasting syndrome” and it causes a starfish’s arms to literally escape from their bodies. The appendages detach and then just “walk” away.
Fortunately, this "big ass shark" was just after plankton.
Maine’s shrimp population has declined as its gulf waters have warmed, causing a shrimp fishing ban that may threaten the fishing industry indefinitely.
A marine biologist amusingly narrates this clip from PBS’s “Octopus: Making Contact," wondering what the animal is dreaming about.
Marine experts said such branding would be painful for the animals.
The expedition's chief scientist called it a "serendipitous" find.
Previously, the creature was found only in the Gulf of Mexico.
But what they did discover was still really amazing.
The new report is ~ making waves ~ in marine biology circles.
We have watched the dramatic decline of these spectacular underwater worlds.