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Service members could face court martial for wrongly distributing "an intimate image."
Photos of the service members were reportedly shared on a closed Facebook page.
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"I'm no grunt. I haven't fought in combat. It's not for a lack of trying. I've been in over 5 years and have been selected
My experience has shown me that the value our veterans bring back to their post-military communities and careers is paralleled by one other group: military and veteran spouses.
Potential employers want to hear about a candidate's personal accomplishments and triumphs in an interview - but veterans are taught to view their successes as a result of team rather than individual efforts.
One of the biggest benefits to this process was that it helped shift the focus of the Marines from nebulous systems-centric
Also, I'll eat my shirt if this commercial isn't exactly where J.K Rowling lifted the real-life game of Wizard's Chess in
Five years ago, at 23 years old and barely a year out of the Marine Corps, I launched my first company in my hometown. It's a source of pride to me that today, that company -- which offers supplemental tactical training to the military and law enforcement agencies -- is a thriving, successful business.
The Human Hug Project is made up of three people with three different lives, but all face one obstacle- PTSD. Together, they are the Human Hug Project. Ian Michael is a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom.
“I truly feel that Wyatt has faced more hardship than any Marine has gone through."
Veterans are loyal. Virtually every manager knows the frustration of finding, hiring, and training a new employee, only to
The word "man" is being erased from 19 roles in the service.
One example is that value investing works when you have a long time horizon and sit through chaos. It's the same thing in
Let's teach our children that our freedom was bought and paid for by generations of service members they will never meet; while we can never repay our debt to them, it is our responsibility to remember them.
When Kevin Rumley joined the Marine Corps after 9/11 to fight for his county, he never dreamed it would set him on a path to heroin addiction. But then again, no one who has struggled with drug dependency ever imagined ending up in that place.