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The hate symbol “presents a threat to our core values, unit cohesion, security and good order and discipline,” the Marine Corps said.
On Memorial Day 2020, President Donald Trump took to twitter to trash Rep. Connor Lamb (D-PA), a Marine Corps. veteran.
Service members could face court martial for wrongly distributing "an intimate image."
Photos of the service members were reportedly shared on a closed Facebook page.
Even when I'm the only occupant in my car, I can drive in the carpool lane. Traffic in Los Angeles isn't a myth so this perk
Please Marines, sailors, soldiers, coasties, airpeople: We're with you. If you feel lost you're wrong. You're a vital part
My experience has shown me that the value our veterans bring back to their post-military communities and careers is paralleled by one other group: military and veteran spouses.
Potential employers want to hear about a candidate's personal accomplishments and triumphs in an interview - but veterans are taught to view their successes as a result of team rather than individual efforts.
1. Understand Your Customer and Teach Them to Solve Real Problems Innovation begins and ends with understanding the customer
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