marine le pen

Right-wing party leaders across Europe are calling for closed borders and spreading dangerous misinformation.
This week's polls offer a crucial test.
Marine Le Pen and Matteo Salvini want to see a populist majority in the European Parliament.
The proposed rebranding is meant to distance the party from its anti-Semitic history.
Marine Le Pen and the National Front are holding a "refoundation congress" to mount a political comeback.
A new poll shows that French distaste for the American president keeps growing.
Macron and Merkel must figure out a common way forward in order to combat the momentum of the far right.
Florian Philippot has quit the National Front amid a split in the party.
Defending against right-wing populism requires standing up for democratic values.
It’s Tuesday, newsday. 1. Sean Spicer is searching for his replacement as press secretary. People don’t seem to be interested