marine life

The unprecedented red tide is creating a foul odor that may get worse during the oncoming heat wave.
Talks have been suspended on a treaty to protect biodiversity in two-thirds of the world's oceans outside of national jurisdictions.
They found it swimming two miles beneath the ocean in one of the deepest ocean trenches on the planet.
Syllipsimopodi bideni, the likely ancestor of octopuses and vampire squid, is President Joe Biden's newest namesake.
The newly discovered species “Titanokorys gainesi” measured 19.7 inches at a time when most ocean-dwelling organisms were barely the size of a pinky finger.
“If we don’t like it, then we need to work harder to reduce emissions,” warned the University of British Columbia scientist who calculated the massive toll.
“All of a sudden, I felt this huge shove and the next thing I knew it was completely black,” Michael Packard told the Cape Cod Times.
The project is intended to track the health of sharks, turtles and sea snakes that live in the high seas.
COVID-19 has rolled back significant wins in India when it comes to plastic waste, with the usage of single-use plastic products like masks and gloves surging in the pandemic.
The sudden postponement of a probe into allegations of misconduct in adopting offshore oil exploration rules “risks undermining the public’s confidence” in NOAA science, a watchdog group says.