marine life

Researchers bumped into this adorable marine animal more than 4,000 feet below the ocean’ surface.
The oxygen-starved area, which kills marine life and habitats, is expected to be the size of Massachusetts.
The expedition's chief scientist called it a "serendipitous" find.
As many as 13 passengers were seriously injured and the stern was cracked.
A giant deep-sea reef off South Carolina has deepened environmentalists' concerns about a planned hunt for oil and gas reserves.
Rescuers in Indonesia also found 115 drinking cups and 25 plastic bags.
Noise from ships and boats are causing dolphins to make their calls less complex, according to a new study.
After a long, intense 28-hour rescue mission, a stranded humpback whale has returned home.
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The new technology lets us study whales by flying into their exhaled breath. The team behind it hopes to learn how whales impact ocean and human health.
More than 90% of all marine species are dependent on coral reefs.