marine mammals

Seals are being taught how to sing like humans. Scientists say these marine mammals’ ability to copy new sounds could lead to new ways to study speech development.
At one point, volunteers in New Zealand stood in a human chain to prevent the animals from becoming stranded.
The key question is how NOAA will define standards that are "comparable in effectiveness" to U.S. requirements for monitoring
The animals will continue to perform tricks to crowds in the company's Florida and Texas parks until 2019.
Unfortunately, although we depend on the Fisheries Service to get it right, its latest authorization to the Navy just this
SeaWorld should reconsider their active opposition to sea pens and should work with scientists, trainers, and environmental organizations to establish sea pen sanctuaries to retire their orcas, beluga whales, and dolphins.
When a whale slumbers, half its brain stays awake.
************ Like the planet, our bodies are made up mostly of 70-75% water. Human blood transports more than meets the eye
Two weeks ago I turned 8 years old. That's prime adulthood in Hawaiian monk seal years. And as most adults are want to do I took stock of my life. This year there seemed scant reason for a celebratory "wahooo." I'm endangered.