marine pollution

New recycling centers in Indonesia offer residents a place to exchange plastic garbage for money, using blockchain technology.
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"The planet cannot maintain the status quo."
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According to the Introduction, the process "was tasked with providing a first Assessment that could serve as a baseline for
2. "Fish on Prozac" is an area of emerging concern. Our neurochemical pharmaceuticals are released from our urine and pass
The water filtration system is like one you'd find in a fish tank, but it's designed for an entire ocean.
After decades of rising temperatures, Arctic conditions have reached new heights again this year.
A graphic video shows researchers pulling the fork from the animal's nostril on a beach in Costa Rica.
A "secret weapon" to save coral may not be as effective as previously thought.
Non-biodegradable plastics are adding up in the environment and some cosmetics companies have pledged to eliminate them.
The World Health Organization considers superbugs, or bacteria resistant to antibiotics, the "single greatest challenge in
They've found that in China, a major problem is the lack of waste collection infrastructure. Nationally, only about 40 percent
He told HuffPost that during a single cleanup dive earlier this year, they picked up nearly 12 big buckets of monofilament
Because markets see value only in parts of the ocean, and not in the whole, the valuable pieces are extracted and the rest is degraded. To scale up ocean conservation, we need to level the playing field. We term this collection of tools "eco-markets."
These seem to be the earliest vehicles that drove the phrase into our public consciousness here in America. Fast forward many decades and the literal meaning has manifested itself in a very unappetizing way: People are eating their own trash.
The activist shark was designed by 6th grader Breann Mancilla of Robert Frost Middle School in Granada Hills. The photo of