marine protected area

One critic says the move would "fly in the face" of the intent of these protected sites -- to preserve ocean ecosystems.
The Antarctic reserve protects a vast swath of unspoiled wilderness.
More than 300 terrestrial animal species have been driven to extinction since 1500. The creation and maintenance of well-managed protected areas provide the greatest promise of ending the extinction crisis confronting our Earth's best of the wild.
Visitors to the area can find-out more about visiting the park by clicking here. People often enter the park unaware of the
In an incident last week, 33 poachers were caught red-handed within the borders of the Kawe MPA, an area which is under local, regional, and national protection and over 97 percent of which is entirely closed to fishing.
Last week was a fantastic week for the oceans. Chile's president announced the creation of a marine reserve around Sala y Gómez Island in the Pacific Ocean that will protect a biodiverse marine habitat larger than Montana.