Mario Lopez

Diamond, who played Screech on the NBC sitcom, died Monday.
We're not sure if the short film will be finger-lickin' good or not, but we'll find out on Dec. 13.
Josie Totah, whose credits include the Disney Channel's "Jessie," will appear alongside Mario Lopez and Elizabeth Berkley in the NBC revival.
My journey to accepting my daughter exactly as she is was long and hard but I’m a better mom ― and person ― because of it... and her.
Cindy Barshop said her 9-year-old, Jesse, had a "poignant" response to comments about trans kids made by Lopez, who has since apologized.
The "Saved By The Bell" star appeared on right-winger Candace Owens' podcast, where he also commented on the Me Too movement.
"This is what 30+ years of friendship looks like," actor Mark-Paul Gosselaar wrote of the reunion dinner.
“She’s like, she’s vulnerable. She’s like a wounded gazelle, separated from the herd."
The actor previously claimed the colorful phoenix was "fake for a movie."