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Professor Marion Nestle offers a sobering assessment: "That the food system is failing is a given."
Marion Nestle's new book, Soda Politics: Taking on Big Soda (And Winning), takes us on a fascinating, detailed and disturbing journey, tracing the rise of the world's soft drink behemoths, and the damage they have inflicted on the world's health and environment.
Public health and nutrition dialogues need clear, explicit messages. Naturally-occurring sugars and added sugars are very different animals. The same goes for processed foods. How is it that a national nutrition organization can simply choose not to recognize that cooking a pot of oatmeal is vastly different from making a Three Musketeers bar in a processing plant?
In a statement emailed to HuffPost, the FDA defended its fortification and labeling policies, writing that it wasn't aware
Basically, it's time to change our entire eating and drinking paradigm.
Beverage/ Reference/ Technical The Oxford Encyclopedia of Food & Drink in America, Second Edition by Andrew F. Smith (Oxford
This time around, I pay homage to high school yearbooks and take a look back at the year in food and nutrition via superlatives. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you... the class of 2013.
When I asked professor and author Marion Nestle how she got interested in the whole realm of food and nutrition and what kind of food she grew up eating, and she got this sentimental look on her face and said she was going to tell me about her "green bean moment."
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Will drinking too much beer give you a beer belly? A study says that the phenomenon is a myth.