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There are no guarantees, first of all. No protocol or checklist of actions and settings will truly protects us from the third certainty in life -- that our privacy will be compromised by a hacker and/or data breach.
I have not worked at Yahoo, but I know lots of people who have worked there. I have also interacted with many former employees
Here's a look at the companies behind the Yahoo bids: The Yahoo sale officially entered its second stage as the company released
Here's the question that must be asked: Why are we questioning Marissa Mayer's personal decision about how to balance her work and family lives when too few people have this option at all? The last time a male CEO was asked questions about how he would balance having a new baby and with work was never.
"According to one executive, Mayer disapproved of the fact that Paltrow did not graduate college."
But several attendees, including Interpublic Group CEO Michael Roth, ended up leaving before she got there, according to
Thus far, Yahoo's stock price is way above its benchmark when she arrived. She moved quickly to become the face of the tattered brand. She ordered everybody back to the office, which was a smart move. Some of the early acquisitions, like Tumblr, have raised the right kind of eyebrows. So why aren't there Champagne corks popping over in Sunnyvale?
The company's stock price was down 7 percent on Wednesday morning. To be fair, this is just one instant from a video in which
Is it just or me, or does it seem that we only hear things about her that are, well, less than flattering? And why is that the case? Is it because of her relatively distinct position?