marital therapy

Once people become aware of how they inevitably shape their partner, they begin to see themselves and the relationship in a whole new light.
How many times have we exclaimed in exasperation: "My family's driving me crazy"? Until now, it was a mere figure of speech. By this time next year it could entitle you to free therapy.
Marital partners need mutuality, reciprocity, and equality. We want it all and if we learn how to communicate our needs, we can have it all.
Clarity-Based Couples Therapy involves teaching each partner to confront and fully resolve conflicts as they arise. As it turns out, most people avoid conflict not because they lack the will to deal with it but because they lack a way to do it.
Weiner's tale, in various forms, is well known in the offices of marital therapists. Most men with his addiction, as well as the wives who do not leave them, are thankful for their privacy.
As the New Year begins, it's only natural for us to think about resolutions and changes.