Marjorie Taylor Greene

The conspiracy theorist lawmaker's holiday Twitter post had a key problem.
Newsom and Greene butted heads after the California governor weighed in on Target's decision to pull some Pride Month merchandise from shelves.
Democratic Rep. Jimmy Gomez compared Greene's call for decorum to "Leonardo DiCaprio telling people to date people their own age."
House Republicans goofed around while Democrats were working on a way to prevent the looming debt crisis.
The two recently got into a heated conversation outside the Capitol, leading Greene to call Bowman "aggressive" and threatening.
"She’s not even using a dog whistle. She’s using a bullhorn," the Democrat said of the GOP extremist after their shouting match on the Capitol steps.
It's the first since Republicans took over the House majority earlier this year, but the Georgia congresswoman also made the same move against him in 2021.
The moniker wasn't the compliment that Gaetz meant, said critics.
The exchange was one of several testy moments outside the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday.
Greene also attacked trans people during a bizarre rant in Congress.