Marjorie Taylor Greene

GOP lawmakers blasted the Biden administration for providing baby formula to detained undocumented immigrants during a shortage.
A handful of voters who say the extremist congresswoman is constitutionally barred from holding office will appeal the decision to the state's superior court.
She claims she was a "regular American" when she came up with the idea and was unaware that attacks on the Rothschilds are often code for anti-Semitism.
When confronted about Jan. 6, Greene's "all of a sudden a victim and a poor, helpless congresswoman," the Illinois Republican said.
The far-right Georgia Republican claimed not to be able to answer at least 80 questions during her testimony earlier this month.
"My friends: We have to decide which side we're on," Raskin said in a powerful House speech before calling for a "National Day of Reason."
The Colorado lawmaker was reportedly not happy that her Georgia colleague made an appearance at a white nationalist event in February.
“I don’t know if that’s my text message or not, but if you want to talk about a text message, read the text message," said Greene, who says it vindicates her.
How can someone forget hearing a member of Congress discuss a thing like that?
The embattled far-right House member tried to explain her "Marshall law" text and we're confused.