Marjorie Taylor Greene

Many social media users thought the controversial congresswoman really whiffed it with her latest insult towards the president.
The far-right congresswoman was seemingly unaware that the Constitution only allows declarations of war against actual nations.
The extremist Republican vowed to tell her “side of the story” in the upcoming “MTG,” but critics aren’t having it.
The far-right lawmaker offered some nonpartisan life coaching but got it thrown back in her face.
The Pennsylvania senator isn't buying the Georgia lawmaker's false outrage given her recent history.
The insult-hurling Georgia Republican was ripped for spewing "self-righteous bulls**t" with her latest rant.
The controversial congresswoman urged states to consider leaving the union based on President Joe Biden’s “traitorous” border policies.
Greene, a close ally of House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, wrote the message on the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.
Ken Buck, a conservative representative from Colorado, called out Greene for her relentless push to impeach President Joe Biden.
The Georgia lawmaker's resurfaced comments about the ice age had critics melting down.