Marjorie Taylor Greene

"The View" co-host said the Georgia congresswoman's actions toward Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez paint all Republicans as "psychotic barbarians."
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez told a reporter that Marjorie Taylor Greene “needs some help” from a “proper professional.”
Washington Post reporter Jacqueline Alemany witnessed the QAnon-endorsing Republican's "aggressive" behavior toward the progressive Democrat.
The Republican Accountability Project demands a bipartisan commission on the Capitol riot in its new ad.
The "QAnon congresswoman" has repeatedly demanded that the New York Democrat debate her about the Green New Deal.
Twitter users said irony was well and truly dead following the conspiracy-endorsing Georgia Republican's latest post.
The QAnon-endorsing Georgia Republican took her conspiratorial musings over Dr. Anthony Fauci to a new low.
The late-night host also had a few words for "Klan Mom" Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene.
The Florida Republican and conspiracy-loving lawmaker Marjorie Taylor Greene peddled Donald Trump's election lies at the event in The Villages.
The conspiracy-loving lawmaker just got schooled on how education funding works.