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As a former senator, Begich cannot technically lobby Congress for two years after leaving office, and Lampkin noted that
"I have a record that I'm running on. It's a record focused on policies of less government, more freedom," Sullivan, a former
The Affordable Care Act remains deeply unpopular across the conservative terrain of Alaska, but a super PAC supporting Democratic
Americans for Prosperity, the conservative national group backed by the wealthy Koch brothers, last week suddenly yanked
Young nonetheless signaled a competitive race in a state where Republicans significantly outnumber Democrats. "His big challenge
For decades, Alaska was defined by politicians like the late Sen. Ted Stevens, whom Begich defeated in 2008, and Rep. Don Young. Cheered on by Alaska's close-knit political class, the two Republicans brazenly exploited their positions atop key congressional committees to steer billions of dollars to America's largest and least-developed state.
Begich remains unflinchingly optimistic about his state's ability to cobble together a future, but even he's aware of the
The actress is a Maryland native named Connie Bowman who does commercials, voice-overs and print ads. Begich, a Democrat
"So when I look at this list of stuff -- trafficking, straw purchases, mental health, habitual drug abusers, enforcement