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“We look forward to sharing these amazing performances with our audience, and in them we hope that people see themselves
The 10-hour series, which concluded March 31, will be transformed into a three-hour movie, executive producer Mark Burnett
'The Bible' has been an incredibly successful miniseries for the History channel. Producer Mark Burnett tells us about his show.
Joshua Dubois, the former head of the White House faith office said he felt those making much of the similarity were "reaching
Bestselling author and public theologian, Jim Wallis, talks about a special series called "The Bible" which aired on the History Channel this past Sunday.
The second part of History Channel's five-part dramatization of "The Bible" continued working its way through the Old Testament
That's what we are going to do: change the world. Not just to save a few people from hell and get them to heaven, not to judge all the non-Christians, not to abandon the earth for mansions in the hereafter, not to make sure we all believe the right doctrinal things....
In other words, sometimes "believing the Bible" means believing that a story in it didn't happen.
Burnett, who is originally from England, is the producer of a number of popular TV series including "Survivor" and "The Celebrity
But while the Bible has wide appeal, its depictions can also be controversial. One of the last major Bible film productions