Mark Geragos

Critics question the rapper's social justice initiative with the league, pointing out that team owners blacklisted the former quarterback for protesting.
The celebrity lawyer has been linked with the former attorney for Stormy Daniels in a fraud and extortion case.
California fish and wildlife agents took the monkey away soon after Brown posted a photo of it on Instagram.
The victim can be heard saying, "Please do not shoot me," on video released after the verdict.
The singer's contract disputes could prevent her from recording.
Michael Jackson's former defense attorney thinks the King of Pop's child molestation charges were a shakedown. Mark Geragos
Mark Geragos says that O.J. Simpson was guilty. Though the criminal defense lawyer didn't represent Simpson, he understands
For the sake of clarification moving forward (experts expect the trial to run roughly 6 weeks), The Huffington Post presents