When a man asked Mark Green about people who “don’t belong here, like Muslims," Green said, "Great question."
Déjà vu. It's almost scary how close this race for mayor is shaping up as a repeat of the past. Been there, done that. However, at the end of the day, it was a disaster for Democrats.
Beware political top dogs. They often end up in the dustbin of history.
The documentary-- which premiered at the Hamptons Film Festival in 2003 and was later aired on the Sundance Channel-- is
Current TV : Mark Green, radio talk show host and former New York City public advocate, and political blogger Craig Crawford
And some salon owners are none too plussed about the sudden enforcement: The salons are among 138 businesses that have been
If you're City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, the race for NYC Mayor can't get here fast enough. But historically, good news for front-runners can also be bad news.
It is disingenuous to raise the canard about Jews and Wall Street in order to denounce it.
It's September 24, 1999 and it looked like I would be running for mayor. So begans two years of glad-handing, fund-raising, and speeches, as Deni and I confide privately (away from the kids, staff, and journalists), "Can't wait till September 11!"
Sarah Palin could get in just long enough to serve as a grenade that shakes up the race and then get out early enough to avoid embarrassing herself. Then she can really live the dream.
The possibility of an upset in the special election September 13 to fill Anthony Weiner's congressional seat should cause Democratic leaders some anxiety. The Republican nominee, Bob Turner, is running hard.
Alan Hevesi is guilty of much of what he has been accused of, even though it is unclear just what crimes, if any, he has admitted. However, the timing of the proposed plea bargain is less than perfect.
While we naturally think of Mothers Day in American terms, I can't help but think of that woman I met -- long since passed away -- and those like her who are battling each and every day for the future of their children.
Jeremiah is a civil rights lawyer who lives in Queens with his wife, Karla Mosley, and their two cats, Scooby and Scrappy
I recently had the honor of addressing the Fellows of the New York City New Leaders Council as part of their 2010 Institute. My topic was "Lessons in Non-Profit Management and International Development."