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Can Democrat Dan McCready count on the same liberal energy that powered Democrats’ midterm wave?
McCrae Dowless worked on behalf of Republican candidate Mark Harris.
The North Carolina Board of Elections ordered a new election last week, saying Harris' November victory had been tainted by fraud.
The state elections board voted unanimously after seeing evidence that an operative working for Republican Mark Harris illegally collected absentee ballots.
The ruling is the latest in an ongoing investigation into irregularities and allegations of fraud in North Carolina's ninth congressional district.
Mark Harris said he was actually hurrying to watch the college football championship -- not to duck reporters.
Two of McCrae Dowless' employees told state investigators he paid them in 2016 to collect absentee ballots and coached them to lie about it.
The Republican's midterm campaign in the 9th Congressional District may have benefited from election fraud.
He only cares when the problem is imaginary and it's framed as hurting white people.
In North Carolina, a federal prosecutor won't confirm or deny a probe of an alleged Republican-led electoral fraud scheme.
Democrats are targeting the seat, and a former Marine is their candidate.
When the Supreme Court released its ruling on same-sex marriage, I was walking to work, unaware history was being made. I was being given editorial notes over the phone, so my head was full of planned revisions when I got to the office and turned on my computer and there it was.
See more news on the midterm elections below: The seat became open when Rep. Tom Petri (R-Wis.) announced his retirement
Grothman has also been doing fewer interviews with the media. In the past, the state senator has handed out his cell phone
The Huffington Post's Amanda Terkel and Samantha Lachman reported earlier on the primary race: Grothman will face Mark Harris
“I have long followed Beverly LaHaye and the outstanding leadership she has demonstrated in her work with the Concerned Women
In the March issue of GQ, the great Mark Harris debunks one of the most prevalent theories in Hollywood today: that movies stars are dead, replaced by recognizable characters like superheros, YA heroines and even pirates. As Harris writes: "We still need movie stars. And perhaps more surprisingly, we still have movie stars -- lots of them, and arguably a more talented and interesting variety than at any time in the past thirty years. But they play by new rules, and they have to navigate an industry that often seems hostile to their very existence."
This year, however, the festival is back with brisker sales and a beefier lineup. Time Out reports the fest will have seven
I have to ask myself: if I were caught up in the bubble and swirl of the Oscars Campaign in Hollywood, would I actually find it rather thrilling? Or would I want to gag even more?
what parts would a Hollywood bound Hillary get? I'll now offer a few suggestions on ideal remake vehicles for the former First Lady.