mark kelly

Other critics also mocked Santos for being named to two House committees despite an extensive history of lying.
After Democrat Mark Kelly won his Senate race, the former president cried "scam and voter fraud."
The win by one of the Democratic Party's best fundraisers was a crucial step in its effort to maintain control of the Senate.
But the races for U.S. Senate and attorney general were still too early to call with about a fifth of the total ballots left to be counted.
The moderate Democrat is influencing the state’s Senate and governor’s races.
Across the country, the party is focusing on prescription drug costs and Social Security.
The Republican Senate candidate sneakily updated his website after accusing his Democratic opponent of "lying about my views on abortion."
The wealthy 35-year-old venture capitalist backed by billionaire Peter Thiel will take on Democratic Sen. Mark Kelly in November.
David Weil advocated for stronger protections for temporary and gig workers in the “fissured workplace.”
Arizona candidate Jim Lamon’s spot was slammed as "pathetic” as critics denounced him for threatening violence.