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For years, battles over transgender rights have been fought relatively quietly in state legislatures, the boardrooms of LGBT and progressive non-profit organizations and on the streets of America.
I look forward to California implementing the $10 minimum wage in January, and moving to increase the wage even further for 2017 and beyond to lift more California families out of poverty, boost local communities, and make sure everyone benefits from our state's economic prosperity.
E-cigarettes generally contain nicotine, drawn into the lungs after it is heated in a flavored liquid.
The government's quick willingness to shut down communications is what got me (and others) thinking about the kill switch. It makes it very easy for police to simply shut down all cell phones using the technology to stifle coverage and communication.
“I am pleased Governor Brown has recognized the importance of this bill, which makes it explicitly clear in state law that
There's finally a state budget surplus, and it's reserved for an out-of-state corporation, not the 9 million people living in poverty. Under total Democratic control, California has just approved $420 million in corporate tax breaks for defense contractor Lockheed Martin.
California may soon require the highest minimum wage of any U.S. state. California is already ahead of the pack in the national
Toxic Hot Seat, a new documentary directed by James Redford and Kirby Walker, takes an in-depth look at chemical flame retardants.
Tim Donnelly is pulling one of his sons out of the system over fear of his coming in contact with a transgender student. I am going to put two sons into the system in celebration of the dignity it affords them and a friend they care about.
For the first time in over a decade, dozens of tenants from throughout California will swarm the State Capitol -- meeting with legislators about the security deposit crisis, and demanding change.
The next step for the bill is a hearing before the California State Assembly. The legislation, introduced by State Senator
According to Gascon, charging those convicted of drug possession for personal use with a felony can have a tremendously negative
SB 1506 is co-sponsored by the ACLU of California, California Attorneys for Criminal Justice, California NAACP and Drug Policy
But some are none too pleased by the festivities. A group of conservative California parents are threatening to withdraw
Cole declined to attend any California press conferences on the issue not, Horwood insisted, because he was distancing himself
"I feel like it's a great win for the collective voice of our community," said bartender and Cocktail Week board member, Josh
(SCROLL DOWN FOR PHOTOS) The bar violated an ancient law that was originally crafted to protect drinkers from bad moonshine
Just as textbooks devote chapters to the achievements of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Susan B. Anthony, Democratic lawmakers