mark levin

Levin tweeted about a photograph featuring documents discovered by federal officials at Mar-a-Lago in August.
The Fox News host made an outlandish claim to respond to the president's "semi-fascism" remark about the MAGA movement.
Mark Levin's defense of the former president might have been a little flawed.
The Fox News host made the senseless comment as he piled on the Wyoming lawmaker after her blowout loss to Harriet Hageman.
The Fox News host unloaded a hyperbolic rant about the FBI search at Mar-a-Lago.
The right-wing personality said the fiction that immigrants are replacing white Americans is "indeed a policy of the Democrat Party."
"That is a serious misunderstanding of one’s role, of loyalty and character," the far-right pundit said on his radio show.
The staunch Trump defender went off on Sanders, who won the New Hampshire Democratic presidential primary.
Mark Levin demanded Democrats be "slammed down" and "slammed down now" in an off-the-rails rant.