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The corporate behemoth is still mum on its tweets about progressive Sens. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, however.
“We asked whether the Army has coronavirus testing kits physically at all bases abroad. They are still unable to tell us [a] yes or no answer."
Wisconsin Rep. Mark Pocan says Rep. Joe Kennedy III and Sen. Ed Markey have virtually indistinguishable ideologies.
“It’s sort of a sellout to Big Pharma,” the Minnesota attorney general and former House progressive leader said.
They didn't, really. House leaders had already set the spending plan in motion.
The objections of Ro Khanna and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez were not enough to stop the pay-as-you-go budget rule.
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ro Khanna say the new rules risk hamstringing a progressive agenda.
The group is a centrist, corporate organization working against Democrats, Rep. Mark Pocan writes.
The former FBI deputy director was fired two days before he was set to retire and be eligible to receive his pension.
The herbal drug "should be legal and available for those struggling with addiction," said Rep. Jared Polis.
As Thanksgiving rolls around this year marking the beginning of the holiday season, we are able to pause and reflect on all
With a House vote this week, a diverse group -- including Mark Ruffalo, Alice Walker, Laurence Tribe and FreedomWorks -- is getting involved.
"Almost all of this will slowly come out as more investigations happen," the rep said.
We're not even two years removed from the last time the Tea Party wing of the Republican Party held Congress hostage and forced the federal government to shut down for 16 days. Sadly, the wheels are already in motion for another shutdown.