Mark Rutte

Justin Trudeau, Emmanuel Macron, Boris Johnson, Mark Rutte and Princess Anne appear in the clip that's been seen millions of times.
The national conversation has turned increasingly on the need to reinforce Dutch identity.
Liberal Prime Minister Mark Rutte has been re-elected in the Netherlands, defeating a notorious far-right politician who ran on a controversial manifesto calling for the ‘de-islamification’ of the Netherlands.
AMSTERDAM, Nov 14 (Reuters) - A France-bound airliner was grounded for checks on Saturday afternoon at Amsterdam's Schiphol
Investment in innovation is urgently needed. With aging populations, a rise in productivity is required to maintain growth and guarantee the sustainability of pensions, health care and other public services. Furthermore, innovation requires investment in human capital -- also crucial yet hard to measure.
Investment in capital needs to be complemented with investment in people, to maximize productivity and promote well-being and inclusiveness. Governments should devise comprehensive policy packages so that investment translates into more and better jobs.
Many opposition parties, including Labor, Democrats 66 and GreenLeft, had already opposed the proposed face veil and dual
In line with other euro zone countries, the Netherlands must tell the European Commission by April 30 how it will cut its
The Dutch election has been the most difficult in years to handicap as daily headlines about the global economy now seemingly trump fears of Islamic encroachment.