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Such attempts have resulted in pushback, however. After Arizona voters created a nonpartisan redistricting commission, Arizona
I would have to give the football/election thesis a passing grade, based on these few cases, regardless of whether you use my statewide speculations or the more precise county analysis of my bold political science friends.
If you have watched any of Rick Snyder's election ads you will see that the governor fancies himself a leader, however, since being a leader isn't a title one can just bestow upon one's self the question should be what does the governor's record tell us about his leadership skills.
With less than a week remaining before the 2014 election, the airwaves have been inundated with political advertisements. For Michiganians, this has meant a heavy does of ads for race for governor between incumbent Rick Snyder and Mark Schauer.
Three of my political science colleagues conducted research showing that winning/losing that Saturday game could boost or cost the incumbent party and its gubernatorial candidate an average of 10 percent in the Tuesday election.
Michigan children deserve to be more than just a tag line in empty campaign rhetoric because the value of a good education is something you can't put a price on.
Learn more about the candidates: Snyder: Rick Snyder Vote Smart pages and Rick Snyder On the Issues pages Schauer: Mark Schauer
It's fine to believe the Mark Schauer isn't the right man for the job. But if these latest attacks are meant to prove that Gov. Snyder is the man for Michigan, the Nerd should be very concerned -- by Republicans' own standards, he is even less qualified to be governor than Mark Schauer.
So far in this election cycle, Snyder and his team of experts have proven to be very good at creating catchy nicknames and misrepresenting data to make it appear the governor has had a positive impact.
Mark Schauer, a former congressman who is running against incumbent Gov. Rick Snyder (R) in the 2014 election, picked Lisa
Always a fan of strange ads, I thought I'd deconstruct the possible creation of this beauty -- a close second to Rick Snyder's scuba-diving Super Bowl ad.
Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder's lead over Democratic challenger Mark Schauer has dropped to a thin margin and a majority of likely voters considers the Republican governor "out of touch," according to a new poll.
“Mr. Steinborn was not working for the campaign," Robertson told HuffPost. "This is just an attempt to distract voters from
Regardless of all of these potential problem areas, Rick Snyder and Michigan Republicans know that every school they deem failing will simply be converted to a charter school, which pulls more students out of traditional public schools.
We're very proud to have Mark Schauer as our Democratic candidate for governor, who has spent his life fighting to make Michigan's
"We are better than having people work full time and live in poverty, especially when they're raising kids," Schauer told
The governor ended last year with about $828,000 in his campaign fund, the Detroit News reports. Snyder hasn't formally announced