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An effective Presidential candidate must strike at the right time with an image and message that resonates for that election cycle.
Sokolich, a Democrat, is at the center of the controversy surrounding New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) and lane closures
One thing's certain in the latest allegation against New Jersey Gov. Christie Christie: either Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer is blatantly lying through her partisan teeth or the Trenton Bully Brigade has struck again.
Christie's government acted in a way that suggested that politics are more important than governance. Most politicians do that, but few do it so baldly, and so unequivocally, as Christie did. It is true that Christie himself may not have personally called for partially shutting down several lanes of traffic, but that is no longer relevant.
TRENTON, N.J. (AP) — New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie will propose extending the public school calendar and lengthening the school day in a speech he hopes will help him rebound from an apparent political payback scheme that threatens to damage his second term and could cut short any ambitions to run for president.
First and foremost, Chris Christie apologized for the incident but he denied any knowledge of it. How true that is, only remains to be seen after investigations on the basis of subpoenas on emails and text messages within his office are over.
Kornacki explained that there is currently a billion dollar development project in Fort Lee, right next to where the lane
Not even the Teflon fleece can save him now: the hypocrisy of pretending to be a man of the people and using the government to hurt the people will spell the end of Chris Christie's presidential chances.
The worst thing that can happen to a politician is that a scandal breaks that reinforces the existing narrative. In this case, it's really not a surprise that Christie's now battling accusations of bullying.
"We're concerned that there's more stuff and more issues to deal with. ... But we are appreciative here in Fort Lee that
After details of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie's (R) top aide's involvement in a bridge scandal surfaced on Wednesday, Fort Lee Mayor Mark Sokolich (D) said he's grateful his instincts barred him from endorsing the governor.
A New Jersey political payback scheme exploded into a full-blown scandal Wednesday when emails revealed ties between Gov. Chris Christie’s (R) office and the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey official who maneuvered a catastrophic traffic jam in September.
Christie Official Blames Closures On A Traffic Study. Wildstein's boss at the Port Authority, Bill Baroni -- another Christie
View the interview above. The mayor told Blitzer he believed the federal government should conduct a criminal investigation
But when reached on Wednesday, he was furious about the new revelations. Christie's spokesman did not return a request for
Three Fort Lee Police Officers have been suspended after an incident Saturday in which police left five teenagers locked