mark spitz

"They killed two people. One of them, they threw over the balcony."
"I never realized my greatness until Michael Phelps broke my record."
2014-02-13-weeklingsgayolympicssmall.pngThe 2014 Winter Olympics in quaint ol' horrible Sochi are rolling along, but to remind Vladimir Putin that he's not the boss of us, let's create our own gay propaganda. In this edition of Weeklings!, I teach you the untold(/untrue) gay history of the Olympics.
In 1974, Harry Reems was arrested on charges of conspiracy to transport obscene material across state lines. I was writing for a small, now forgotten gay paper called New York Gaysweek and my editor asked if I wanted to do an interview with Reems.
One of the perks of being an Olympic athlete (in addition to all the free condoms) is the possibility of a lucrative commercial
But before he could even start to savor his victory, terror struck. At dawn on the morning of September 5, a group of Palestinian
The United States has a history of astonishing Olympic victories. Here are five examples that will blow your mind.
HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY! The American flag has been painted on bathing suits, bikinis, and directly on skin like a bathing suit
Below, watch Phelps in what was probably his best performance, the "Michael Phelps Diet" sketch: While the reviews of Michael
Phelps is in the unfamiliar position of having to perform for a worldwide audience something other than that with which he's most comfortable: swimming.