Mark Takano

Republicans seem more likely to go along with paid sick leave before Democrats agree to a payroll tax cut.
The Government Accountability Office said the agency failed to follow its own policies, and some former service members may have fallen through the cracks.
Sens. Tammy Duckworth and Mazie Hirono and Rep. Mark Takano have renewed efforts to prevent another atrocity like the incarceration of Japanese-Americans.
"The chaos has not stopped. It's a mess," a union representative said of the prison facility in Victorville, California.
Despite workers' alerts about the unsafe conditions at Victorville, little has been improved and infectious disease is rapidly spreading.
Three: The struggle for AAPIs to garner greater recognition within the political mainstream is also compounded by ongoing
He said he thinks more Republicans are open to same-sex marriage than are willing to say so, but that they feel obligated
Takano says he's particularly concerned about members of Congress leaving office, becoming lobbyists and maintaining political
Correction: The original post incorrectly described the $69,000 figure as an inflation-adjusted version of the 1975. The