Mark Twain House

But you'll have to be quick -- reservations are limited.
If an author values a compliment regardless of the source, imagine the value when the source is The Mark Twain House & Museum, the compliment is the inaugural Mark Twain American Voice in Literature Award, and the prize is $25,000.
It's no secret that many of America's greatest literary icons inserted autobiographical details into their works, but there is perhaps no better way to get to know each author than by visiting his or her home.
With a new billion-dollar entertainment/hotel/residential/convention district, a new state of the art science museum, and multi-million dollar upgrades to attractions and hotels, Hartford might just be a new hot spot.
When you think of two-lane highways, you probably imagine small towns, tidy little main streets, undulating ribbons of asphalt through forehead-high corn fields: the picture-perfect road trip. But Route 6 passes through some great cities, too.
Mark Twain tried to start us talking about race by writing such books as Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, but he knew that our discussion would have to go on long after his death, and that our tendency would be to try to ignore it, or pay it mere lip service.
It is easy to forget how both Twain and Rockwell could be provocative or daring, depicting the gravity of issues involving subjects like race, gender and class with penetrating clarity and seriousness.
Samuel Clemens, also known as Mark Twain, died one hundred years ago this coming April 21. He had famously predicted that he had arrived with Halley's comet in 1835 and would depart with it in 1910.
From 1874 until 1891, Mark Twain lived in an ornate Gothic Revival mansion in Hartford, Conn., where he wrote his most enduring
We're finally getting to read Mark Twain's blog. It's a chance to hear the old man's voice as he talks to us directly, at his own pace, telling us things in the order he wants to tell us things.