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Sen. Marsha Blackburn called the measure aimed at foreign interference in federal elections "overbroad."
Classified briefings on Iran will also be given next week to the full House and Senate.
Democratic leaders and presidential candidates demanded the release of the special counsel's report before Trump could interfere.
Obama and Trump were offering competing visions for the country in a split screen of campaigning on Sunday.
“I do this as a gun owner and a proud supporter of the Second Amendment," Sen. Mark Warner wrote.
The Intelligence Committee still wants to interview former Trump aides who are now convicted felons.
Roanoke Police Department arrested James Trainor on a felony property damage charge on Monday.
“The Russian effort was extensive and sophisticated, and its goals were to ... hurt Secretary Clinton and to help Donald Trump."
Democrats had the power to block her nomination, but they couldn't stick together.
When he said he’d vote for the CIA nominee, he ensured that Americans will never get straight answers on torture.
Haspel looks all but assured to win confirmation in a vote before the full Senate.
Democrats have lost the debate over torture after two Democratic senators said they plan to back Haspel's confirmation.
She repeatedly refused to weigh in on its morality at her confirmation hearing.
The senior Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee is calling on Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to testify before Congress.
They decided to pass a bill that could boost the financial fortunes of credit reporting firms.
The leak appears to be a failed attempt to discredit the Senate investigation into Russia's efforts to subvert the 2016 election.
These senators are finding common ground with President Trump.
Eugene Ludwig made a fortune on the revolving door between Wall Street and Washington. He's about to get even more.