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The extra help unemployed people got during the Great Recession has emboldened states to mistreat them.
Even if the tax cuts boost growth, the central bank could slam the brakes.
Hillary Clinton, like many other Democrats, has started citing Mark Zandi's economic analyses.
Members of Congress return to Washington, D.C. this week. Their number one priority must be to extend EUC for the millions of jobless workers struggling to make ends meet.
The 13th Annual World Leadership Forum organized by the Foreign Policy Association in New York City offered a cross-section of facts and opinions on the global economy, financial markets and sustainable development with five high-profile panels.
He gave a crushing summary of the potential impacts of a default. The concern surrounding a potential political fight over
In almost every part of the country, entire neighborhoods -- and in some cases, whole cities -- are underwater. They are not victims of natural disasters like Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy. They are drowning in debt, victims of Wall Street's reckless and predatory lending practices.
By Douwe Miedema Liberals take issue with DeMarco's decision to block Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac from reducing loan principals
Mark Zandi does not like the big budget slasher known as sequestration, but he figures the economy could stomach a helping
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