market volatility

Aside from understanding the basics, the most important knowledge you should arm yourself with is how you can protect yourself from risky investments. This is crucial in making your investment portfolio grow.
Social media alone creates change and not just because of all the new tools connecting billions of individuals worldwide. People use social networks to gain immediate access to information that is important to them.
Eighty-five percent of leaders in the U.S. are missing the mindset needed to make sense of the complex business environment. Could this explain the disturbingly high failure to adapt and engage creative talent wasting in companies?
Trading has been halted for the day, the second daylong suspension this week.
When the stock market goes crazy, people go nuts. The ensuing insecurity has them thinking that stashing their money in a mattress at home is safer than investing it anywhere with anyone. But one should know the differences between risk and volatility to avoid silly and irrational investing mistakes. Let's clear the confusion once and for all.
While it is encouraging that participants understand the importance of professional 401(k) advice, just 12 percent of those with access to it are actually using it - meaning the vast majority are missing out on critical guidance.
In late August, stock markets around the world saw one of the biggest declines since October 2008. Experts and economists are pointing towards China as the main culprit as they've dealt with a stock market slide for most of the summer.
If you're reading this, you probably know that the market has been volatile lately, to say the least. Recently the DOW was down about 14 percent off the high and the index had its worst month in over five years.
It's a really fun game - get out there and start your own company and play along. Don't forget, don't actually make any profits
Today, real-time streaming data is widely available. The proliferation of data is significantly changing business models in financial firms, whether in market making or long-term portfolio management.