Markos Moulitsas

The senator's supporters say his absence doesn't matter.
The liberal site has acquired a new relevance in the era of Democratic resistance to President Donald Trump.
As Kate McKinnon, playing Hillary becoming Bernie, stated, in the spoof of an ad, "I'm whoever you want me to be."
A new policy at the top liberal site signals a pivot to the general election season.
I don't think an easy win for Hillary is automatically a good thing, even for her. But I also don't think it is that likely. If you look at the history of presidential politics in the modern era, the last half-century-plus, the strongly favored frontrunner almost never cruises easily to victory.
If the war is ending, then we are about the business of bringing our soldiers home. If we are not about the business of bringing our soldiers home, then the war is not ending.
I didn't join the chorus ridiculing the U.S. for the hypocrisy of its new romance with international law following the Russian occupation of Crimea. But the hypocrisy charge has gotten good play.
CORRECTION: This article originally misstated the name of's executive director. The position staked out by progressive