marla maples

Ivana added some shade while talking about the first daughter and first lady's relationship.
The actress and ex-wife of President Donald Trump has a role in an upcoming show starring Danny McBride and John Goodman.
Trump's controversial 1994 interview with Robin Leach is going viral again, following the celebrity journalist's death.
Ivana called the news of her son's alleged affair “distressing because I’ve been there.”
"How would you like to add a little marmalade to the mix?"
Considering the stature of her last name, Tiffany Trump largely lived a life outside the spotlight until her father's presidential campaign this year.
Marla Maples called off their marriage in 1991 when he demanded to see the beauty queen's "great body."
As for Donald Trump himself, he lived to be 100 years old, dying in 2046 of natural causes. Following the election he spent his remaining years a virtual pariah. A broken man socially, emotionally and financially. Alone and alienated from family and the few friends he had. And, he never apologized... for anything.
Reason 3: Trump's Vegas Steakhouse Shut Down For Health Violations Trump claims to be a great business man but when you look