marlene dumas

How to talk about nudity in art without sounding prudish or pervy.
One can hope that through special exhibitions and new acquisitions (it estimates that it averages one new acquisition a week), The Broad will discover, and embrace, its obligation to the public to truly represent the art of our time.
Marlene Dumas . For Whom the Bell Tolls, 2008 . Oil on canvas, 100 x 90 cm . The Rachofsky Collection and the Dallas Museum
Dumas's use of medium is refreshing and honest. Her works feel vibrant and of today; her use of watercolour and paint, on humble paper and canvas, reflect both the poetry and poverty of a South Africa that connects to the raw beauty of its geography.
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2014 was a year of great personal sadness for me. Herewith a short list of things that pierced the veil.
It's highly unusual for a public figure -- especially a high-profile politician -- to reveal something very personal and rather uncommon about himself. And to do it willingly?
Today is the birthday of South African artist Marlene Dumas. The painter, who is known for her rough-edged nude figures and
His technique was distinctive, but not exceptional. He believed in working quickly, without instructing the sitter, to make
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It wasn't until 1976 that Dumas was able to fully experience the global art world. That year, the artist won a two-year scholarship
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2010-03-19-pull.jpg Dumas exposes self deception and helps see this conflict in a new, well-timed exhibition in Chelsea.
2008-06-26-0front.jpgThough Dumas' subject may be fear, she, herself, is fearless.