Marnie the Dog

A brushed and shiny coat. Designer clothes. A downy bed. Chef-inspired treats. What pet pooch doesn't deserve to be pampered
The Webby Awards announced its 19th batch of winners on Monday, and among them was HuffPost Live, which took home the award
"Step into my office." Marnie the derpy dog is on it. Home office need to be restocked? H/T Tastefully Offensive If you'd
Kiss was born with a rare neurological condition that makes him unable to pull his tongue into his mouth. The more relaxed and happy he is, the floppier the tongue. Think of it as his unique, silly smile.
In this Vine, it seems that Marnie the dog has found a new pal, who also has a lovably floppy tongue. Like Us On Facebook
These animals stole your heart in 2014.
From the school playground to space, here's who we crowned the champions of this year in Vine.
Like Us On Facebook Follow Us On Twitter In a Vine that will perhaps become the best six seconds of your holiday season, Marnie
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