My name is Aaron Jay Ledesma. I'm from Houston, Texas. I'm Catholic. I'm gay. I'm me. Rickert is right, tenure is a treasured
She's Rebecca Bradley -- and now she's running for a seat on Wisconsin's Supreme Court.
This past year will be remembered as the year that freedom of speech (or the lack thereof) on U.S. campuses became international news.
One black man's arrest was the straw that broke the camel's back.
For example, in one scene a monk is shown chopping radishes for a salad. "The first monastics were living in the desert in
In order to move forward, we have to stop comparing and categorizing people. Muslims and Jews were and continue to be victims of anti-Semitism and Islamophobia. Yet, identifying with one cause tends to imply that you can't work with the other.
Schools all across the country not only fall short on promises of free expression and academic freedom but openly suppress constitutionally protected speech on campus by using tools such as speech codes to shut down forms of expression that might be uncomfortable, disagreeable, or even offensive to some members of the campus community.
Meanwhile, among pricey colleges, 95 and 92 percent of Columbia University and Cornell University grads pass the bar on the
"His sense of integrity has always meant devoting himself entirely to his work... He's always been willing to step into a