marriage conversations

We rounded up some of the best matrimonial wisdom below. 6) When your partner is talking to you, put down the devices. "I
17) True love transcends everything else. There are certain things in life you can't fully understand until you've been through
Getting married soon? Take a look at the 35 things couples must agree on before taking a walk down the aisle.
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By Dr. Amy Wenzel for You and your partner will likely have, by that time, established a relationship characterized
Listen up, engaged couples of the world: If you want your marriage to last a lifetime, there are some decidedly un-sexy conversations
You just got engaged and you're on Cloud 9 thinking about all the wonderful things that lie ahead -- a beautiful wedding
Couples that communicate openly and effectively tend to have stronger, more successful marriages. And some conversations
5. How will you divvy up chores? Who will do what in the home? If your spouse cooks dinner, are you expected to clean the