marriage myths

Therapists share the relationship advice that gets under their skin.
You might be surprised to find out that much of what you believed about marriage is more fiction than fact.
Lets get real: True love is not always roses and chocolates. It can get messy and complicated at times. Giving up fairytale fantasies means you won't be constantly dismayed when inevitably love's reality shows itself to be different than your internalized fantasy.
When it comes to marriage, we all have our own preconceived notions about what life will look like as a twosome that, well, quite frankly aren't true.
What if being an "evolved" version of the 1950s housewife is by choice? When someone willingly assumes the role of pleasing one's man as her daily modus operandi, does that make her subservient or just plain wise?
1. The Perfect Partner: Somewhere, there is a person who is the answer to all our needs, desires, and fantasies. More Stories
Remaining in love is hard work that comes easy if it's the real thing. If anything that's worth doing is worth doing well, then loving well is worth the world.
My husband and I continue to feel romantic love, in spite of -- and perhaps because of -- our continued awareness of these myths about marriage.