marriage rules

It's the little things that count most.
The couple that plays together, stays together.
Of course, becoming a "Mrs." doesn't mean you will abandon your independence completely. You will still be an individual, with your own career, interests and relationships. But in your new role as a partner in marriage, your husband's needs and desires will factor into almost everything you do.
Back then I was married to Sid, who was not the love of my life by any means, but we did have a caring, fun relationship
The rules for a happy marriage are always bandied about with a reverence usually reserved for the Ten Commandments. But it
Marriage has all these tiny rules. Sometimes I don't know when I'm breaking them. Everyone else seems to have learned them better, even before they are married. And then sometimes it occurs to me that really, marriage is just as much about my husband and me as it is about itself.
A wife may not request that her husband ask for directions. However, she may ask for directions herself provided the husband is at least 50 feet away and not looking in her direction.