marriage trouble

Karie and Michael agree they had "instant chemistry" that was "off the charts" when they first met online, and they ended
Happy Wives Club founder Fawn Weaver's new book "The Argument-Free Marriage" offers a 28-day challenge to couples to achieve more marital bliss. She joins us to discuss how arguments interfere with matrimony and the best tips for mutual happiness.
Through questionnaires, the researchers analyzed the context of the affair, the time since the affair, the level of trauma
All married people struggle with disputes that arise in a long-term committed relationship. What to do about the predictable and ever-repeating disagreements and mutual criticisms that come up from time to time, but hopefully not too often.
"I didn't ask you if you wanted to," Iyanla says firmly. "You didn't want to be raped and violated! You didn't want any of
What's more, 92 percent of the betrayed men said they either wanted to save their marriages, or they were unsure. When it
One hundred couples revealed their dealbreakers.